What’s Your WOW! Factor?

Does some of the following describe your business?

Honest, Great Service, Caring, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Quality, Fair

If so that’s great! But… show me a business that doesn’t make those claims.

Each of us probably encounters dozens of businesses every week and for those of us that are active in network meetings, the number can be in excess of a hundred. Think about your week and how many businesses you encountered. Now; how many people did you tell about your encounters or shopping experience? If you are like me you can probably count them on…….. no hands.

The quickest way to get people talking positively about your service or business is to give them something positive to talk about and the more WOW! you can put into their experiences the faster they will share them.

Wow! is different, it’s not typical and it’s unexpected!

It’s the fast food restaurant that on one day the managers wash your windows at the drive up and the next, the window clerk tells you a joke.

It’s the diner that doesn’t serve Coke Products but has a manager that runs across the street to get you one.

It’s the cashier that doesn’t have change for a hundred when you purchase a $3.00 item and tells you to go ahead she will pay for it so you don’t have to wait.

It’s the store that tells you take it anyway and stop back when you can after they find out you forgot your wallet at home.

It’s the mechanic that tells you that they noticed you didn’t have time to get your car washed so they detailed it for you at no charge.

It’s the service technician that calls you to see if you need any milk or bread because he is at the store and will be at your place next.

What are you doing that will cause your clients to tell their friends and associates about?

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