Need more work? Try this one.

Here is a simple and effective way to get more work and increase your customer base.

Use the following example and create a notice or informational letter making sure it does not look like an advertisement.

Dear (Name of strip center) Tenant:

On xx/xx/xxxx we will have a technician installing motion sensors in this shopping center and because we are doing them all on the same day we are able to offer a deep discount.

Regular price is: $xxx.xx per bathroom
On 7/31 the price only is: $xx.xx per bathroom!

If you want to take advantage of this offer you MUST register on or before xx/xx by calling the number below or online at:

Note: The price is only good for xx/xx and a minimum of __ tenants must register.

Looking forward to helping you save $$ and the environment!

Your name

Your Electrical Service


Points to consider:

Spreading your trip charge over all tenants for this kind of task should enable you to offer a discount that makes it a no brainer decision for them.

Keeping the notice short and on plain white paper with “NOTICE” written at the top will increase the chances of it being read right away.

An assertive deadline will generate action

Give the tenants at least 1 weeks notice (not much more) and have someone hand deliver the letter to them (no envelope).

If the shopping center or tenant has a no solicitation sign posted, honor it and mail the letter instead.

Do not go to restaurants during lunch or dinner

Don’t interrupt them from doing business. Simply hand the letter to the person at the register and say “Can you please get this notice to the owner or manager?” and walk away.

When the tech is there make sure they leave your magnet or sticker on the electrical panel and tells the owner or manager that if they ever have a problem with the motion sensors or need any other electrical work to please call.

If for whatever reason the technician realizes that a switch replacement motion sensor will not work in that tenants bathrooms after they get there, they can simply tell the manager why their bathrooms do not comply with your requirements and then ask if they would like a quote for a ceiling mount or other device that will work.

Have the technician look for other obvious electrical needs or violations while he is there. (unlabeled panels, burned out exit lamps, cracked receptacles, bad ballasts etc) and point them out to the owner or manager and ask them if they would like them repaired at a discount since you are already there.

Expect the technician to be asked about giving a price for other work or looking at something else while they are there. Make sure they can respond appropriately.

If you have multiple shopping centers in your area schedule each one for the same week with the deadline for registration being the same day.

Once you have a count of how many motion sensors you need, price and ask for a bulk discount from your suppliers.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you quote and purchase a quality motion sensor with a manual override and a decent timer adjustment for bathrooms with stalls, walls or dividers. Imagine being on the bowl and the lights go out!


Hope it helps


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