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Truck Stock App

ElectricalBackFinally! No more writing on the back of cardboard boxes or lunch receipts. Keep your trucks stocked and organized along with documentation of what and when you asked for it. No more “You never gave it to me” or I had it on the list excuses.

PublishPromo_1024x500Technicians can just select the items and quantity needed and send their list to the office or directly to the supply house! The list is provided in the body of the email as well as attached in a PDF.

Less trips to the supply house means a greater profit!!!

Sent lists are archived on the device for later review and can be deleted when no longer needed. Custom Items can be added to any category.

Over 300 of the most common truck stock items are pre-installed and updates are done as needed.

 As we develop and come across tool that will help you prosper we will list them here.

Check back often!




A short but powerful Ebook that points out the differences between Superstar Employees and average ones. It will motivate anyone who reads it to become the best they can be. An excellent resource for an HR dept, new hires and existing employees that don’t want to settle for the Path of Averages. $4.95





The Flat Rate Express Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Guide will allow you to:

  • Print as many Pricing Guides as your firm needs as often as you like
  • Print Pricing guides with the Wholesale Price and Markup fields hidden for Technicians use and Customers viewing.
  • Change the Labor Rate for every item by only changing one Field
  • Increase the Material Markup for every item in a category by only changing one field
  • Change the material wholesale pricing for each task according to the prices YOU pay
  • Create your own Professional Cover by Entering your State and Company Name
  • Add items without having to add formulas
  • Add up to 5 additional categories without having to add Formulas
  • Compatible with Excel 1997-2013 including Microsoft 365
  • Over 280 of the most commonly used tasks are pre-installed
  • 23 of the industries most common categories are pre-installed
  • 2014 prices are pre-installed for most tasks (Check before use)
  • Unit Codes pre-installed for each task for use with other billing software
  • Optional Quickbooks Item file available for you to import codes and descriptions into Quickbooks

Just verify your material cost, install your own labor rates and desired markup and the program does the rest! 



 Save Time – Save Money – Increase Sales

inspectionBackWith the Electrical Inspection Application

  • Increase your chances of Securing Future Work.
  • Generate Additional Income. Just 2 inspections a week can earn you over $28,000 per year PER TECHNICIAN!
  • Property Managers Want Clear, Professional Looking Reports
  • Easy to read reports document the needed repairs and adds credibility to the relationship.
  • Adding an Inspection to Simple Service Calls Reduces Sticker Shock.
  • Give Customers More For Their Money.



ARE YOU CHARGING ENOUGH?  Download your free Labor Rate Calculator Spreadsheet or… The Free Material Mark Up percentage guide.

Note: The labor rate calculator is a simple sheet designed to give you a rough idea of what you should charge per hour. There are a lot of variables that need to be taken into consideration when setting your rates. Overtime, Dead Time, Material Markup, Call Backs all can affect your bottom line. Requires Microsoft Excel to Use

The Material Mark Up Guide is a basic “Word” document.

Most contractors NEVER take these steps to see if they are covering their costs and Most go under in less than 5 years. (and that’s during a good economy!)

Click the appropriate link below to download


mark up percentage

cautionElectrical Safety

Electrical Safety Videos for construction environments including major types of electrocution hazards and how employees can protect themselves from electrical hazards and electrocution.




thumbtack This lead generating service is by far the best and most affordable to come along. I have tested a number of them and Thumbtack consistently gives me more leads than any other at a price that cannot be beat. Most leads will be refunded if the customer doesn’t look at your message or quote or they choose another contractor and…. you only pay for the leads you choose to respond to. Check them out:  CLICK HERE