Direct Connect

Install our Direct Connect app, and we automatically sync with your invoicing system to analyze your customer data. We support more than 100 systems, and installation is a breeze.This connection enables us to analyze business patterns, predict when past customers will need service, and automatically send postcards, emails and review requests at the optimal times.

Customer Reviews

When your customers complete a transaction, we automatically ask them for a review. We’ll point them to your major listings on Google, Yelp and Facebook – and for those who don’t have an account on those sites, you’ll get a custom reviews page for your business that will index in Google search results. We’ll also syndicate your reviews to key local sites, and help you manage any negative reviews.

Targeted Campaigns

Our system analyzes your data to determine when past customers are likely to need service, and sends postcards and emails to them. This helps you reduce unnecessary mail costs and maximize repeat business. Each postcard and email is branded for your business and personalized to the customer. Your customers automatically get different images, messages and offers over time.

Tracking & Optimization

We track each customer for 90 days after they receive a postcard and email – and when they come back for service, we’ll tell you their name, date of transaction and how much they spent.Based on how customers respond to your postcards and emails, we continually optimize your campaigns over time. We also verify, clean and update your mailing address data automatically.

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