Easy Way is an outdated version of the new Electrical Pricing Guide. For the Updated version visit our Flat Rate Express Electrical Pricing Guide.

The Easy Way Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Guide was created by an Electrical Contractor for Electrical Contractors

Designed for the small to medium sized contractor. Don’t spend thousands for sophisticated Flat Rate or T&M billing guides with features you will never use. Don’t spend hundreds per month for Pricing Guide Updates when most prices don’t change that often.

The Easy Way Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Guide will allow you to:

  • Print as many Pricing Guides as your firm needs as often as you like
  • Print Pricing guides with the Wholesale Price and Markup fields hidden for Technicians use and Customers viewing.
  • Change the Labor Rate for every item by only changing one Field
  • Increase the Material Markup for every item in a category by only changing one field
  • Create your own Professional Cover by Entering your State and Company Name
  • Add items without having to add formulas
  • Add up to 3 additional categories without having to add Formulas
  • Compatible with Excel 1997-2007
  • Over 800 of the most commonly used items are pre-installed
  • 15 of the industries most common categories are pre-installed
  • 2012 prices are pre-installed in most items (Check before use)

Just put in your material cost, labor unit and desired markup and the program does the rest!

Note: Because the program is transmitted digitally and easily reproduced, refunds will not be allowed. We will however warranty that the program will calculate the fields correctly during the first 10 days of setup.

The Easy Way Flat Rate Pricing Guide is copyright protected and shall not be reproduced, sold, rented, or given away and is only to be used by the purchaser and their current employees. Price Books may be printed by the purchaser and distributed to their employees only.

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