Save Time – Save Money – Increase Sales

With the Electrical Inspection Application

Increase your chances of Securing Future Work.

  • Generate Additional Income.
  • Property Managers Want Clear, Professional Looking Reports
  • Easy to read reports documents the needed repairs and adds credibility to the relationship.
  • Adding an Inspection to Simple Service Calls Reduces Sticker Shock.
  • Reduce Sticker Shock And Give Customers More For Their Money.

Enter the client’s contact information first. This will either be the homeowner, property manager or real estate agent that is ordering the inspection.

  • Enter the location of the property being inspected or check the Same as Client box to bring clients information forward.
  • Add the technicians name that is performing the inspection.
  • If the property has a lock box enter the code here for future reference.
  • Areas include: Outside Service, Outside Panel, Inside Panel, Garage/Carport, Equipment, Laundry Room, Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room, Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, Bedroom #2, Bedroom #3, Bedroom #4, Bonus Room, Hall Bathroom, Half Bath, Other Bathroom, Hallway 1st Floor, Hallway 2nd Floor, Hallway 3rd Floor, Other Room #1, Other Room #2, Attic, Basement, CrawlSpace

    Record results

    Each Category will have tasks that coincide with the area such as lights, receptacles, plates etc.

    Here is where you enter the results, add a picture and description if needed.

    When you have completed your Inspection you can leave it on the device until later, preview the report or email it back to the office or client Immediately. Talk About Fast Service!

    Email, Drop Box & Google Drive

    From the report screen you can preview, email, save it to Drop Box, Google Drive or delete them.

    Shared Company Device

    When sharing a company device for reports you can add as many technicians as you wish.


    You can also send your report via different applications from the preview screen!