Designed for the small to medium sized contractor. Our Flat Rate Express Electrical pricing guide you will not have to spend thousands for a sophisticated Flat Rate billing program that has features you will never use and you won’t have to enter into a monthly agreement for updates, especially when most prices don’t change that often.

The Flat Rate Express Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Guide will allow you to:

  • Print as many Pricing Guides as your firm needs as often as you like
  • Print Pricing guides with the Wholesale Price and Markup fields hidden for Technicians use and Customers viewing.
  • Change the Labor Rate for every item by only changing one Field
  • Increase the Material Markup for every item in a category by only changing one field
  • Change the material wholesale pricing for each task according to the prices YOU pay
  • Create your own Professional Cover by Entering your State and Company Name
  • Add items without having to add formulas
  • Add up to 5 additional categories without having to add Formulas
  • Compatible with Excel 1997-2014 Including Microsoft 365
  • Over 280 of the most commonly used tasks are pre-installed
  • 23 of the industries most common categories are pre-installed
  • 2014 prices are pre-installed for most tasks (Check before use)
  • Unit Codes pre-installed for each task for use with other billing software
  • Optional Quickbooks Item file available for you to import codes and descriptions into Quickbooks (coming soon!)

Just verify your material cost, install your own labor rates and desired markup and the program does the rest!


Easy to use, Easy to setup, Easy to print and Easy on your budget
The regular price is $189.00 but for a limited time only you can start making the kind of money you deserve by taking advantage or our introductory price of:

ONLY $89.95!