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Never before has such an affordable service for Electrical Contractors been made available. For as little as $.68 a day you will have access to an experienced electrical success coach and the latest training tips and videos that are all created to help you earn more profit without working your life away!

Your career as an electrical contractor is nothing but a tool to enable you to create a life you can enjoy.  Learn how to spend more time with your friends & family, take better than average vacations and when you are ready, retire without worrying how you will get by. Seem impossible? Only to those who have never learned how.

One of my favorite quotes is:

“Your life will never go anywhere your mind hasn’t gone first!”

If you want the kind of life you went into business for our Serious About Success Membership can help you create it!

No long term contract! Just pay month to month and cancel anytime!

Review all of the benefits of becoming an SAS Member Here:

Subscribe for 12 months and receive a FREE copy of Flat Rate Express! an $89.95 value!


It is hard enough for a contractor to handle the every day tasks that are needed to run a successful business, much less find the time to do research on what it takes to become and stay successful. ElectricianSmart is designed to be a place where members can find fast, relevant solutions and tips to stay successful and if we do not have the solution or answer to our members needs we will find one…fast. In most cases the same day.

From helping you decide on whether flat rate billing is better for you, assisting you with employee problems, or sharing the latest android or Ipad apps for electrical service contractors, ElectricianSmart will help you get back to doing what you do best, electrical work.

Just starting out in business? Think of us as your go-to-place to get experienced tried and true answers to your questions and concerns. Our members can download a Business Start up Guide customized for Electrical Service Contractors or enroll in our pay as you go online coaching program where they have access to a contracting coach via email and phone.  Get personalized assistance from a staff that is experienced in electrical contracting  and let them help you develop a business plan within your budget.

Have you been in business a while? Great, let our virtual assistant program take some of the tasks off your plate. Experienced in the electrical field our VA’s can find that out of stock hard to find breaker, do a credit check on that new customer of yours or screen the resumes for a new hire, giving you our recommendations for an interview. If it can be done virtually, our assistants can do it for you at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

Are you working your tail off, taking time away from the family and still not getting ahead? Our 30 Day Fast Track to Success program will identify your weaknesses and supply you withe the plan and steps needed to start earning the kind of money you deserve.

These are just a few of the benefits you can experience when becoming an ElectricianSmart Member.

General Blog Articles All of our general success and electrical tip articles designed to help you improve the electrical industry
Personal Success Articles and Training These articles are geared toward personal success with topics like; Balancing home and work life, creating personal goals, money management, relationship and communication help.
Basic ForumThe forum where you can start or join any number of discussions having to do with the electrical field. Learn from your peers and share what you know
Personal Goal Setting Sheet Most people spend more time planning their vacation that they do planning a successful life. This sheet will enable you to put a detailed plan of action together so you can start creating the life you want
PDF Copy of “The Path” Bob Wagner wrote this book to share Ten Steps to a Successful Career. Learn how to move off the Path of Averages and on to the Path of the Super Star
Unlimited Email Support for Personal DevelopmentYou can seek guidance and instruction from your own personal development expert.
Access to the Business Building Articles Section This section is filled with articles on building a successful business. While most electricians may be good in the field, they usually fail because of lack of business knowledge. Learn how to succeed
The Contractors Only Forum Sections These sections in the forum is for contractors only. Share information and experiences with other electrical contractors
Free Copy of the Labor Rate Calculator. Many contractors call their co0mpetetion to find out what they should charge per hour. Isn’t it better to charge based on what YOUR company needs instead of someone else’s?
Free PDF Copy of “Pricing for Profit” Do you know the difference between Markup and Margin? Did you know that by adding just 1% could increase your profit by 11%? Learn how to make the kind of money you deserve.
Free Copy of 50 Ways to Lower your Overhead For every dollar you decrease overhead, you increase profit. Learn how to put hundreds or thousands of dollars in your pocket every month without decreasing productivity or customer service
A Free Business Goal Setting Sheet. What do you want your business to look like in 5 years? 10? Use this Goal setting sheet to put a detailed road map together to that will take your business right where you want it to go.
Unlimited Email Support for Business Development The business side of electrical contracting could make or break your company. An experienced electrical success coach will help you in all business related issues.
Special Discount for Continuing Education Training (3rd Party) A bonus for members that may help them reduce overhead and keep more profit for themselves
Search Engine Optimization for Electrician Websites. Having a website is not very helpful if it’s not on the first page of search engines. We have made arrangements for our members to get a discount on website optimization from a company that specializes in electrical contractors. This firm is also area exclusive and available on a first come first serve basis.
Virtual Assistant Service Are you too busy to handle a lot of the office tasks but not busy enough to hire someone full time? No worries; For a fraction of the price of a fulltime employee you can have access to our knowledgeable assistants for all of your virtual needs. From running background checks on employees, doing credit checks on a potential client, gathering prices or searching for that hard to find part. Our assistants can handle your needs via email, phone or texting.
Employee Criminal Background Check We have made arrangement for special group rates for doing employee background checks
Special Discount for Continuing Education Training(3rd Party) We have made arrangements for special pricing for online continuing education. Note: This service may not be available in all states.

We will be adding features to every level as they become available

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