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Electrical Inspection APP

A residential electrical inspection app that can be used to create reports with pictures in order to justify needed repairs. Electrical Contractors can increase sales when using this app by up-selling inspections, pointing out code violations and suggesting needed repairs. You can also use it when selling a whole house warranty to point out items not covered or for potential buyers to be aware of possible repairs or safety hazards. Contractors can use it to save time and mistakes when doing their own inspections or estimates by sending the report right to their technicians. PDF generated reports can be emailed right to Realtor's, property owners, property managers or technicians or they can be printed or stored in the cloud for later use. Including a professional looking report along with your estimate of repairs will boost a customers confidence and increase your chances of being awarded the job.


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Truck Stock APP Pro

For the Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing Industry! This app allows you to keep track of truck stock inventory and easily create reports or orders to send to the supply house. The Pro version is subscription-based and all subscribers will have access to the same product list which can be fully customized by the admin. All history is saved and technicians can be added or deleted as needed right from the admin's app. Over 300 of the most common truck stock items are pre-installed and the admin can add or delete as many as needed to fit their company and services.


Service Fusion

Our software prices are not based on the size of your workforce, just the features you choose. You can upgrade and downgrade your service at any time and remember, there is no long-term commitment. See how you can improve customer retention, generate more leads, convert more estimates to jobs and increase productivity by up to 40%.

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Electrical Flat Rate Pricing Guide

It is proven that with Electrical Flat Rate Billing you will earn more and reduce customer complaints at the same time. Your electricians will be able to easily price work or additional tasks on the spot without having to call the office, employing an estimator or guessing what a task will cost. With the Electrical Flat Rate Express Membership feature it is easy to increase the number of service contracts you sell when the customers see how much of a discount your Express Members receives! Just 1 service contract could over the cost of our program! The Flat Rate Express electrical pricing guide is the simplest and most cost effective system to use on the market today and is ideal for the small to mid-sized electrical contractor. Print a book for every technician, office worker, estimator or.. load it on a laptop or tablet that has access to Microsoft Excel or convert it into a PDF file!



We were with TomTom and had nothing but problems, having to replace 3 units in one year at almost $300 per. As soon as the contract ran out we switched to ClearpathGPS. It was an easy switch, sets up Geo Fences so we know when the techs leave their homes and keeps track of oil changes etc.


Direct Cost Calculator

This direct cost formula excel spreadsheet will help you determine what you need to charge for certain services. By calculating your overhead, you can easily figure out what you should be charging customers. From there, you can decide your profit margin and growth expectations. 


Material Markup Calculator

Knowing the proper markup on your materials is very important. We put together a PDF for you so you know what markup to add from the smallest items to the largest. This way you can ensure you're making a proper return on your materials.


Customer Lobby

One of the best ways to get ranked at the top of the page by Google and retain customers is Customer Lobby.  Not only do they help collect reviews automatically, they publish them to Google, Yelp and even Social Media sites like Facebook.
Potential customers love reviews and putting a widget on your website and in your emails will help turn lookers into callers!! Want to request a FREE Trial? Use the button below.